Look at what has been going on in the DISINTEGRATION project lately.

New Blog Post

De facto published the team’s blog post „Schlechtere Chancen für die Begrenzungsinitiative wegen der Corona-Krise“ which gives an insight into Swiss-EU relations in times of COVID-19.

Find the blog post here.

New Paper Publication

Stefanie Walter’s article „EU-27 Public Opinion on Brexit“ has been accepted for publication at JCMS.

Find the paper here.

New Paper Publication

A co-authored paper on the role of British voters‘ expectations about the EU’s willingness to accommodate Britain both before and after the Brexit referendum has been published by European Union Politics.

New Working Paper

New working paper on the contagion effects of Brexit in the EU-27 and Switzerland.

Project Kick-off

Three post-docs started to work on the DISINTEGRATION project in September 2019. We are excited to work on this project and have brainstormed on how to make the project into a success.

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